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Wins Finance Holdings Inc. (OTC: WINS), is a diversified investment and asset management company headquartered in New York and listed on OTC. The company is focused on identifying value accretive investment opportunities and assets in China and the United States that can be enhanced through the strategic involvement of Wins established management team and its familiarity with the Chinese investment community to help generate long-term value for shareholders.

With more than $240 million net assets; almost no debt; and approximately $160 million of short-term assets including cash, cash equivalents and short term fixed income investments, Wins is well positioned to scale its investments and diversify its holdings.

Wins Finance Group is focused on creating superior long-term returns for its shareholders. Today, the company is well positioned to leverage its expertise and existing operations in China to build a comprehensive platform for the provision of lending and other financing solutions to the under-served small and medium enterprise segment. In addition, Wins is strategically increasing its focus on investment opportunities in the United States, with the goal of balancing its global footprint and diversifying its international exposure.

Wins corporate structure, investment philosophy and culture reflect management’s commitment to the highest level of transparency and corporate governance standards. These standards have been put in place to support the long-term interests of all stakeholders and strengthen management’s accountability. In addition, the company’s Board of Directors, serves as the ultimate governing and decision making body on all matters except for those reserved for or shared with the shareholders. The Audit Committee, Compensation Committee and Nominating Committee are comprised of independent directors, and fully comply with OTC’s requirements and best practice U.S. Market standards.